Your Questions Answered

Only a limited number of tickets are available and once all these have been allocated, the draw will be carried out. All entrants will be notified when the draw is happening and results will be posted on Facebook. The winner will be chosen at random by a representative of the MS Society and will be contacted to arrange delivery of the prize.

We will aim to deliver your prize within a week but certainly no later than two weeks (UK Mainland only).

You can buy as many as you want but we recommend no more than 5.

Because of the uncertainty of covid, the draw will be scheduled for the 1st December 2021, but as there are only 800 tickets being offered we are certain that the draw will end way before December and as soon as all tickets are sold an announcement will be made on the FaceBook page jivecompetitions and the date arranged for the draw within a week of the announcement.

  1.  Go online.
  2. Visit www.jivecompetitions.com
  3. Sign up with your details.
  4. Answer the competition question.
  5. Pay for your ticket.
  6. Keep an eye out for the draw.
  7. Keep your fingers crossed.

Winner Gets A 1951 ROCK-OLA JUKE BOX