Winner Archive

Thank you to everyone who supported the first ever jivecompetitions prize draw by buying a ticket. The prize offered in this first draw was a 1958 GMC Pick Up Truck however no one could have predicted covid and how it would affect all aspects of life from the start the competition draw was held back.

We were to have free gigs being played by the wonderful Johnny Trashed and Kevin Davidge, all the proceeds to be used to go towards the £3,500 target we had to help the MS Society, but all had to be cancelled due to covid. We had hoped to take the truck to things like the Rugby Internationals in Cardiff, car shows and different dances so that people could see the truck, touch it, sit in it and so be more likely to buy a ticket, but again all this had to be cancelled.

The only option left was to sell tickets through Face Book posts with Face Book banning me for a week every few weeks for selling tickets, so it was a laborious task. Even so I was amazed at the support from people all over the UK and abroad with people buying tickets from as far away as Canada and to the other end in Australia.

Unfortunately we were not able to hit the target of covering the cost of the truck but I am so pleased to say that the competition has raised £3,500 for the MS Society and the draw to be made tomorrow by a MS representative will be for a cash prize of £7,500. We will offer classic vehicles as prizes in the future but not until covid is well and truly over.

So again, thank you to everyone who has bought a ticket and the very best of luck for tomorrows draw (2nd December 2020).

Thank you all,

Philip Robinson

PS When the cheque for £3,500 is presented to the MS Society I will post the photos and also a video will be posted tomorrow of the MS making the independent draw.


I am delighted to announce the winner of the our first jivecompetitions prize draw and the recipient of a cheque for £7,500 goes to Steven Muir from Cheshire. Steven has promised me that he will send me some photos of his wife holding the cheque so please watch this space!